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The Broker Agent Process

How It Works To Be A Contracted Agent

When you become contracted with an insurance carrier, there are usually a few options as to how you do that:

direct with the carrier, through a marketing organization, and also through a brokerage such as Brokers Assistance, Inc.

The difference in commission is zero, zilch, nothing. You will get the exact same contract you would get with any other entity. 

The bonuses of working with Brokers Assistance, Inc. include:

             Bonus Programs - Including Prizes, Gift Cards Leads & More! 


             Top Commissions- Production levels you can reach to increase your income! 

             Grow Your Own Business- We Will Show You How!

             Exclusive Leads, Leads, Leads- There is a cost, but we have quality sources

            Top Training- We have the product inventory and knowledge you need!

            Deep Product Portfolio- We Support Nearly Every Type Of Business You Could Need